Monday, January 16, 2012

Kramer Family Chore Store

Have you ever tried to get young kids to do chores? Well, I have! It was a very unsuccessful try. Kids love money, but then they want to spend it right away. We tried teaching them to save, give, spend, and that didn't work. To them, saving was having more then three dollars. I came across an amazing idea from The Idea Room. A family chore store. Kids complete chores for little prizes, kind of like Chuck E. Cheese!

I used one of the handy fancy beer boxes that I talked about in my DIY Closet Organization Project. I had dollar store white frames at our house already that I was going to use for our daughters bedroom and never got around to it.

As you can see, our store is only open on Saturday from 9am-9:30am. I will of course open it promptly, because I hate it when a store I go to doesn't open on time! To make the Store sign, I just used cardstock I had leftover from a scrapbook project.

I am using these picture frames as white boards. I used cardstock and created the chore charts, then I put the list inside the frame and put the glass back in the frame. Now the girls can cross off their chores when they do them, then at the end of the night we clean the glass and it is good as new!

We assigned points to the chores. They have their daily chores that are worth a total of 5 points all together. If you don't do one of them, then you don't get any points. The big frame has "extra" chores that they can do to get more points.
They can also work together on these and both get the points. We assigned points to how hard the tasks are. Feeding the cats is 1 point, cleaning the whole bedroom is 5 points.

We also have -1 cards. If the girls are acting out, being mean or not doing something we asked, then we warn them that one point will be taken away. If they continue, then we give them that card.

We gave each girl different patterned point cards so there would be no confusion down the road of who's they are. The girls keep them in a little coin purse, and I also secretly keep track of how many points they earn just in case they lose them. 

At the end of the week we total up their points and on Saturday morning they get to buy things with their points at the store. I still have to make a chart telling what each thing is worth. I think I am going to get star stickers, you know, the red, gold,  and silver ones? Then I will put the sticker on each product and assign that color points. The bubble bath may be 20 points, the little can of pop may be 10 points.... We also have movie tickets in there that are our "Big Item" This is something that they would have to save up for, so we may make them worth 60 points.

You should have seen our girls doing chores today! They even HELPED each other make beds!?! WHAAAT, my girls can help each other without fighting!
They carried their own laundry upstairs and put it away... umm YES!

Right now we have bubbles, bubble bath, a few cans of small pop, gummy worms, beads,play-doh, a notebook and a thing of candy in the store. We may let them request some things, but for the most part this is stuff that is a treat for them. We never have candy or pop in the house, and only get to go to the movies every once in awhile. Inexpensive, simple things that the kids love!

If you have any questions about how we set up our chore store, write a message and I will be sure to answer them quickly!


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  2. New follower from MBC:) Cute blog! I also recently made the switch to full time SAHM! Lovin and learning everyday!