Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is it time for coffee yet?!

As you can tell, this blog is new! I am planning on posting my adventures in Mommy hood, as well as my DIY projects that I am tackling around the house. I will be posting at least twice a week, Monday's and Thursday.

I LOVE blogs, but get tired of seeing the bloggers perfect house, everything neat and in place (which of course they apologize for the mess!) If you want to see mess, seriously come to my house at a random time and look in our playroom... or for that matter, in my closets!! I am a mom and wife and I am also NOT a perfectionist! With this being said you will be seeing the real K. Family household, as it is, 90%of the time. That includes little girls clothes in random places, yes there may be a pair of dirty socks hanging from the front doorknob...seriously girls! The doorknob!
Come on!!
My girls are angels, until you get to see their closet, and the disaster that happens anytime either one of them gets to be alone in it!

You may also see a cluttered counter here and there, and if you are lucky, I will let you in to our office... a.k.a my clean laundry dumping ground!

I have a few projects in the works right now, the horror of my entry/coat closet, and the freak show of my "linen closet" that is actually home to a whole mess of things! I will be posting pictures of before, during and after. Yes, you will get to see the horror of the closets in my house! I will also be posting some fun projects that the girls and I create. We have some fun things planned for Valentines Day already.

Some of the craft ideas and recipes I have found on Pinterest. I will review them and let you know what I think, or what I changed about them. Every recipe I see on there looks so good! (Some of them look great, but do not taste so great!)

You may also see some "Witty" posts from my Hubby, who thinks he is very funny... that has yet to be determined!

Make sure you check back on Thursday and Monday nights for new posts!

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