Thursday, January 12, 2012

Entry Coat Closet

Our coat closet is horrific. I have decided that it is my next project. There are shoes in there from 6 years ago... when we moved in! Did I really think I was ever going to wear these pretty little things?!? Yowzaa!

I could usually find one shoe we wanted in this mess, but it was very hard to find the second shoe! All of the mittens and hats ended up getting thrown on the shelf, which I can barely reach. I would stick my hand up there to find something and would be rewarded with the whole pile falling on top of my head. This would be followed with a few un-lady like remarks from myself, under my breath so the kiddos couldn't hear me!

This is actually a pretty tame picture of the shoes, I took the picture after I started throwing them in that teal bin.
Here are half of our coats, and the VERY un-organized shelf .

This is the other half of the coats on our hooks by the door. This was my solution to the over crowded coat closet. I was aiming for convenience. These hooks would be for backpacks, and every day coats that the GIRLS wore. They would also be for guests coats. As you can see, they became a free for all. Each on eof us had atleast one coat on there, as well as a bunch of random things. At one time there were two little shelves on top of the hooks. We put the mittens and hats for the next day on them. There ended up being SO MUCH STUFF on the shelves that they fell off.. hmmm..

Okay, here we go! This is the finished product of my hard work, and many unwanted holes in the wall that needed to be patched!

Here is the new painted walls, hard to tell, but it is Nantucket Beige (we are trying to go neutral in our house to make it easier to sell down the road)

So excited about this! There is enough room on the side for 4 or 5 "grown-up" coats, the top basket is for grown-up hats and mittens.

The shelves up above are hard to get to, we didn't put anything on the very top shelf. (You can't see it in this picture, in the "before" we had random things up there.)

I had two boxes in the garage that fancy beer came in from our in-laws. I have labeled these for "Winter Fun" which is the girls snow pants, extra mittens and hats, and the snow boots.  The other crate, not labeled yet is going to contain our  Kramer Family Chore Store .

We added a coat rack for the girls, their shoes will go on the shelf, and the Hubby's plus mine will go on the floor.

This is the shelf right above the girls shoes, for now, this basket is for mittens and hats. As Spring and Summer arrive we will change it and make it for routinely used items for that season.

Oh, and here's my "Guest Hooks" This is what they were always suppose to look like all along!

This re-do cost me nothing! We had all the wire racks in a basement closet that we never used. The  wicker baskets I got for Christmas, and as I said, the boxes at the top came as a package for something else.

I have been reading blogs for awhile, and wondered how all these people had these items at their house. I thought, we have nothing here that could be re-used for something else. Boy, was I wrong! You just have to keep an open mind, and remember that everything you have can be re-used for something else, even a diaper box can become a cute storage area!

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