Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Back!

It has been MONTHS since I last posted. School and family has kept me very busy. I have still been crafting with the kids though, so I will be adding A LOT of content over this month.  Come and check me out this weekend for our DIY Thanksgiving shirts!

I have also been planning a surprise Disney World trip for March of 2013! Have you been to Disney with your 5-7 year-old kids? What are some tips and tricks you can offer? Please let me know and I will feature them in my blog post! Here are a few questions I would love answered. Did you rent a stroller in Orlando? I know, I know, Kit and Kat are too old for a stroller for every day life, but Disney is BIG, and you walk a lot! Also, if you did a surprise, how did you do it?

I also want to say Thank-You to all of my followers! When I last posted on this blog I think I only had about 5 followers, not I am up to 35! YAY!! I promise, I will get back into the blog mode soon!

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