Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tea Party

Every year my great friend and fellow girls scout leader Michelle and I host a Tea Party for our girl scout troop. We are coming up on our third year! We get more creative every year, and are already planning some new a wonderful things.

We wanted to do something special for our girls and a special lady in their life. This is their mom, aunt, grandma or sister. We started off buying lots and lots of tea cups and saucers from The Goodwill. Everything is mismatched, which actually looks really nice. I want to share with you a few ideas that we have done over the years.

Every year our girls make something to wear on their head. Two years ago they decorated Easter hats with silk flowers, last year we decorated headbands with flowers. (I am bummed I don't have any pictures of this, I will have to dig them up and post!)

 Did I mention Michelle's mother-in-law lives in an amazing old schoolhouse and graciously lets us host the tea party there every year!?!

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